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A management information systems helps manager make decisions by providing information from a database with little or no analysis. A decision support system (DSS), on the other hand, helps managers make decisions by analyzing data from a database and providing the results of the analysis to the manager. An MIS supports all three levels of management decision making with reports and query responses. A DSS, on the other hand, is usually best for decisions at the middle and top levels of management. As with an MIS, a DSS helps with making decision but does not actually make decision; only managers make decisions.

The users of a DSS are managers, usually at the tactical and strategic levels in the organization. The user requests
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An example of a DSS is one that helps a manager in an athletic shoe store decide what types of shoes to advertise. The system would use data from a database containing past sales of different types of shoes. The sales data would be analyzed by statistical calculation routines to project sales trends. Then, a mathematical model would be used to simulate the effect of advertising on sales. The manager would try different strategies until he or she found the one that was most likely to increase sales.
Decision support system are best used for situations in which decisions are semi-structured or unstructured. The nature of these decisions often involves trying different approaches, asking what-if questions, finding input values that produce a specific output (a process called goal seeking), and checking the result to see how it might change if the input were slightly different (a process called sensitivity analysis.) The types of decisions that fit this situation are not made very frequently and often affect business for some time. All these characteristics point to the use of decision support systems at the tactical and strategic decision-making levels.

Examples diagram of Decision Support System

The main characteristic of decision support system are as follows:
a) They are best suited to semi-structured or unstructured problems and within decision-making environments where computer-based

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