Essay on Making Laws Uniform Across the Country

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Making Laws Uniform Across the Country

Should we make all laws uniform across the country and eliminate state-to-state differences in policies? What can we gain from such a change and what would we lose?

As our current system of laws exists, a single idea for a law can be applied differently to each individual state. Interpretations, enforcement, and the consequences of the law can vary within the United States as each separate state is allowed to create their independent laws as long as they remain constitutional and meet the federal minimum consequences. They must follow federal law but are allowed to implement new ones as they see necessary. With laws differing across the country, one might propose establishing a selection of
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However, a number of problems could also arise from this decision. Although the government may grow in power, our nation as a whole may not. The possibility for national interests to be placed above local interests would increase greatly. Subjects of concern to specific areas may go unrecognized by the federal government, leaving existing problems to grow to proportions much more difficult to alleviate. This change would also create a sense of reduced accountability among the states because there would be fewer departments or officials and the federal government would become a scapegoat. Individual states would not be implementing law and therefore would accept less responsibility for local problems. Also, by implementing this system of national law the ability to develop broad solutions may be decreased because valuable local input or viewpoints may be ignored or inaudible to officials.
By implementing a collection of national laws the state would lose some of its' power, which would instead be granted to the federal government. It would be harder for the populations of the states to express their opinions and be heard. Laws that individual states view as necessary or beneficial may not be viewed in the same way by the country because of the varying interests and problems of different regions. It would also be harder to pass laws that specific groups, or populations in specific regions may benefit from without affecting the majority. Such

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