Making a Profit with Happy Stockholders Essay

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In this paper, we will analyze several theories of ethical thought and how their application can be used to justify many business decisions in the real world. In this case, we are presented with several ethical issues which have an impact on the youth (predominantly male) in our country. In addition we will discuss how these ethical issues compare when marketing to foreign countries.
Ethical Analysis– Assessment #3
The primary focus of any business is to make a profit, thus directly benefiting the shareholders and employees, and indirectly stimulating the economy. A successful and profitable business benefits the local community in numerous ways. It gives back to the community by its philanthropic efforts. It keeps contributes
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In addition, the community will benefit from the continuing operations of the company. The investors benefit because Broadway is generating increased revenue and profits. The employees benefit from continued employment, increased opportunities for advancement and potential wage increases. Suppliers benefit from increased demand for their products to support the production and technology advances. Finally, the community benefits from the success of the company. The employees of Broadway and the suppliers have more disposable income to invest in the other businesses in their community. The company can afford to donate time and money to charitable projects and giving. When the customer profits it results in a domino effect of increased demand for newer and better products. The company must continually strive to meet the customer demands to meet its responsibilities to the stakeholders.
Ethical Analysis
The ethical dilemma in this particular case is how far one goes in order to meet the customers’ expectations for the next great product. The customer’s goal is to make a profit as well. They expect products that excite and appeal to their customers and keep them coming back for more. In the case of video arcade games, the longer the customer stays and plays, and the more often they return, the greater the profitability of the company.
In this case, the primary ethical issues revolve around the impact of the company’s

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