Essay on Make Death Penalty Legal

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“And thine eye shall not pity, But life shall go for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,” the Book of Deuteronomy 19:21. When the word “death penalty” or capital punishment is mentioned, so is morality. Others claim that there is no morality in such punishment. However, what is more moral than the Bible? The Bible encourages condemning sinners. The golden rule practically sums it all up: do unto others as you want done unto you. If you choose to kill, then you had better be ready to accept the consequences.
California is a state built on a foundation of justice and equality. It is only fair that when an innocent life or lives are taken, some kind of compensation is given. In most cases, the death penalty is
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The murder of the innocent is undeserved. The punishment of murderers has been earned by the pain and suffering they have imposed on their victims. Execution cannot truly represent justice because there is nothing that can balance the weight of murder, for some crimes, it represents the only just punishment available on earth. Besides, why should people who have committed cruel acts be treated kindly? Where was the concern for a humane treatment when the offenders’ victims were being brutally murdered?
Another question raised from capital punishment is if it is legally supported. The answer is yes. The Supreme Court stated that the 8th Amendment allow state legislatures to impose the death penalty. The Supreme Court had finally spoken saying: as long as it is administered fairly, the death penalty by itself is not common form of executing someone is lethal injection. It is very humane and is effective in seconds.
By having a death penalty, society sends out a message that murder is so unacceptable that it is punishable by the ultimate sanction, this is a message we all absorb, so that intuitively, without thinking about it, we understand that we should avoid committing murder at all costs. The death penalty is a symbolic statement by our government that we have utter contempt for anyone who tramples upon our laws and violates the rights of our people to such a degree, and

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