Macrobiotics: A way of Life Essay

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Macrobiotics: A way of Life


Macrobiotics is not just a diet, but a holistic approach to living that takes into account all aspects of human life, including the inter-relationship between body, mind and spirit. Macrobiotics stresses the importance of a balanced diet because one's diet creates the foundation for a happy, healthy and harmonious life. Macrobiotic philosophy teaches practitioners to lead a balanced lifestyle based on the Chinese yin-yang principles. The actual macrobiotic diet closely resembles a vegan-like food pattern with virtually no animal food consumed. Practitioners also avoid "nonorganic" or "processed" foods.

The macrobiotic movement has become increasingly popular during the past
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Stage Two represents the accumulation of toxins in the body as the symptoms of the disease worsen. In Stage Three the body is affected mentally physically, emotionally and spiritually. Stage Four leads to the malfunction of organs and Stage Five signifies the contamination of the blood. The Sixth Stage is when the body disposes of toxins in special sites that the medical world refers to as tumors, which is also known as cancer. The Seventh Stage is the final stage and is described as the stage of "return," signifying one's return to the spiritual world.

Since the macrobiotic way uses the "process of disease" as one of its main philosophies, practitioners believe there is only one disease- 'living out of balance with nature and cosmos.' Therefore, macrobiotic theory critiques the practices of conventional medicine because its search for cures is futile since there is no disease. Practitioners of macrobiotics explain the transmission of disease is because the body is in a state of decay, thus, making itself a suitable host in which an organism can flourish. On the other hand, a healthy body is not a suitable host for an organism, and as a result, the organism would be destroyed or excreted.


The standard macrobiotic diet consists of various foods and cooking styles.

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