M&M's Marketing Essay

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M&M's Marketing

M&M's candies has a broad target market, everyone can enjoy eating M&M's. M&M's cartoon characters are colorful, friendly, and funny. The same cartoon commercials that allure kids contain adult humor and sexual innuendos. M&M's are sold in every grocery store, and gas station so that they cover middle class and lower class. Specialty M&M's are sold over the Internet, which are aimed at the higher class. M&M/Mars doesn't have a specific target market. The company markets to all sectors of the market through distinctive marketing schemes they utilize mass marketing to target a large market at once. Some major markets are: children, Latino's, middle-aged women, people on the run, etc. M&M Minis are marketed
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Consumers can relate to the commercials. The commercials are quick, witty and charming. Even if someone is running out the door, if an M&M's commercial comes on the television most people will stop to watch it. This is probably because M&M's have created a mini soap opera. This type of advertising has created a strong scence of customer loyalty. Mars knows that 70% of candy is bought on impulse so they aggressively ensure that M&M's will be right next to the cash register for consumers to pick up. For different holidays like Christmas, M&M's are available in Christmas colors and their commercials remind people that M&M's are easy decorations and good treats too. M&M's are easy to grab when in a hurry; you can eat the whole bag or just a handful. They are perfect for "people on the go". M&M's has set very high standards for quality and promotion. Since paychecks are tied directly to the company's performance, if profits explode then associates can earn bonuses equal to five, ten even fifteen weeks salary. But if profits shrink, so does an associate pay check. This creates associates who have a feel of ownership and great pride towards the business, and want to do their best at all times because their paychecks directly benefit when the companies sales do. Cleanliness is an obsession at M&M's factories. The floors and walls are scrubbed every 45 minutes. The micobacteria levels at the factories is said

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