Loyalty and Ignorance of Emilia In Shakespeare's Othello Essay

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Emilia is a minor but necessary character in Shakespeare’s Othello. She battles playing the role of a loyal wife and caretaker, while possessing inner strength to rebel against society and man’s invisible reign on woman. Emilia is a wife to Iago, a caretaker to Desdemona but most importantly she is a lady of potency and character. Through these qualities Emilia unwillingly follows her wifely obligations to Iago, but additionally develops a strong relationship with Desdemona. This connection between the two women, allows Emilia to hold Shakespeare’s key to the entire tragic plot. For she is the only character who possesses the knowledge of the surrounding events. This ignorant yet known knowledge results in the catastrophic ending of the …show more content…
689). In which is true, for Emilia chooses to surrender to her husband’s bad-mannered manipulation and can only add in a mere two statements to the conversation. In regards to this powerless situation, Emilia reveals how she truly sees men to Desdemona and admits to her own practicing of adultery. The idea is unthinkable for Desdemona and she swears that she could never make love with another man. Emilia answers Desdemona by saying she would never betray Iago in this heavenly light-that is, she herself prefers to make love in the dark. Emilia had illusions about men or love or marriage vows. Emilia explains that there are many unfaithful wives and she blames it on the husband. She insists that wives should have the right to do whatever men do. Act 3 Scene 4 shows Emilia's cynicism towards men as she asks Desdemona about her husband's display of temper. Emilia believes that no women can be certain of her husband, to her, all men are egocentric-"they are all but stomachs and we all but food, they eat us hungry, and when they are full they belch us"(3. 4. 729). Despite Emilia’s true inner feelings on men, in order for her to keep her place as a well respected mistress in Shakespearian society she chooses to unknowingly help link together Iago's plan. It is here that Emilia’s minor character become so undeniably necessary and because she remains loyal to Iago throughout the play, Iago relies entirely on the belief that Emilia will

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