Love in Much Ado About Nothing Essay

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Exploring Love in Much Ado About Nothing

In Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare depicts different kinds of loving relationships - romantic love, family support and loyal friendship - and shows how various characters react to love and marriage. By exploring the effects of this powerful emotion Shakespeare highlights its universal relevance, a relevance that transcends time.

The main plot of Much Ado About Nothing is that of the relationship between Claudio and Hero. Their story is a melodramatic saga concerning the realities of relationships based on love at first sight. Claudio has no sooner seen the pure face of Hero than he professes his undying love and seeks her hand. This gesture could be regarded as the quintessence of
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However, despite Claudio's questionable motives for marriage, his genuine affection for Hero is made known through his eloquent speeches and jealous behavior. After his betrothal to Hero, Beatrice taunts him for his lack of speech, to which he replies:

Claudio. Silence is the perfectest herald of joy. I were but little happy if I could say how much. Lady, as you are mine, I am yours.

It is Claudio's desire to posses Hero that leads him to suspect his best friend of wooing his beloved:

Claudio. Tis certain so. The Prince woos for himself. Friendship is constant in all other things Save in the office and affairs of love.

This scene reveals his primary weakness, an inability to trust in others, even those he loves most. Claudio is originally portrayed as a loving, trusting man. However, as his character is developed it becomes increasingly clear that his lack of trust continues to prevent him from total devotion to both friends and lovers.

Hero, on the other hand, is Shakespeare's portrait of the constant lover; she represents the epitome of romantic love. Although Hero's view of marriage and her feelings toward Claudio are never clearly spelled out "through spoken word, her true affection is revealed through her discussions with her cousin and gentlewomen, and through their interpretations of her coyly withheld emotions.

Beatrice. My cousin tells him in his ear that he is in her heart


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