Los Angeles Olympics Essay

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In 1923 the Olympic Organizing Committee for the United States as well as the entire nation was ecstatic to hear from the IOC that Los Angeles had won their bid to host the 1932 Summer Olympic Games. Construction was already completed on the main stadium, where the opening and closing ceremonies were set to take place in less than a decade. However, excitement soon gave way to panic and frustration as the New York Stock Market crashed in 1929 and the worldwide Great Depression set in. Suddenly, being awarded the responsibility of hosting as well as funding the upcoming Olympic Games no longer felt like a victory. As the Depression carried on 13 million Americans helplessly plummeted into unemployment, which at the time was 25 percent of …show more content…
In addition, the city thoughtfully arranged for all of the athletes to be provided with sufficient food, transportation and housing for only $2 per day. As America continued to create incentives to lure athletes to their shores in order to compete in the Olympic Games of 1932 more and more countries were getting on board which led to increased support from American citizens. Surprisingly, the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee was not yet finished enticing their potential guests and competitors, more plans were in the works with the intention of creating the most enjoyable, exciting and successful Olympic Games the world had ever seen. The city was well aware that in order for this event to rise above the turmoil and utter destruction caused by the Depression it would need rigorous and thoughtful planning as well as execution, when the time came. To start with, the original stadium built for the ceremonies was expected to seat 76,000 spectators and so with the blind confidence that only Americans seem to possess they expanded the the building to seat 101,574 ticket holding fans. With that addition, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum was finished

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