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After the First World War, the United States solidified its title as a world power; a country that many others shape themselves after, a country that others look up to, and one they look for as protection. So, it is to painful to think of American soldiers committing war crimes. War crimes, such as the No Gun Ri Massacre during the early years of the Korean war. A Massacre that costed the lives of hundreds of Korean refugees by the hands of the Seventh Cavalry troops of the United States Army.

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Nash, a regiment commander who talks about the concept himself, he says that, “[The Citadel is] Four years of reinforcing discipline, reinforcing honor, Four years of reinforcing integrity, all those essential values that create the whole person concept.( The Citadel)”. To elaborate, The theory behind ‘The Whole Man’ is to break down a student during their plebe year (their first year at the institute) and then to teach them to live by the characteristics of an institution man, which is shaped in three different areas. The first being the mind, to overcome the challenges that are emotional.The second being the body, to overcome physical challenges. And the third being the spirit, to live wholeheartedly, with integrity and honor. It can be seen that the concept of the whole man can be beneficial to the individual since they are being shaped up to live their lives with honor.
Along the lines of building the whole man, institutes also relish in the fact that they teach Integrity and honor to the individual. These Academies are built to teach the student to live their lives with very high morals. Jack Huard, the main character from the Movie Annapolis is a exceptional example of this fact. He starts off living his life independently and conservatively, believing that he does not need any help to get through the naval academy. Although, as the movie goes on
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