lions for lambs Essay

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War is bad and politicians lie - like we haven 't heard that before “Lions for Lambs” treats audiences with yet another post-9/11 commentary on how the government, the media and the everyday citizen are to blame for America 's mess in the Middle East. This film directed by Robert Redford is an overtly leftist depiction of America 's War on Terror. The film is made up of three loosely related storylines that explore the political, philosophical and emotional sides of war that are only matched by the performances of the characters. Because the film is essentially stagnant, the majority of it taking place in someone’s office, the script relies on powerful performances and political seeds to keep the audience engaged. The first …show more content…
Although the message of this movie, to take action, isn 't original, it is important enough that hearing it more than once is just fine in my opinion. This film succeeds in making us understand that so many of us still aren 't doing enough to help fix things that we all realize are wrong, so it 's clear to me that this

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