Limbo, Nothings Changed, and Blessing Essay

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Limbo, Nothings Changed, and Blessing

“Write about the various ways in which the poets present their ideas and give the reader an insight into different cultures.”

The three poems that will be studied are:

Limbo by Edward Kamau Braithwaite

Nothings changed by Tatamkhulu Afrika

Blessing by Imtiaz Dharker

The cultural location and inspiration (for the writers) of these poems is of great curiosity (to many readers) and also of high deviation, thus the way in which we are given an insight into the different cultures will be considered very carefully.


Edward Kamau Braithwaite, the writer of Limbo is creating tension and anxiety, while at the same time expressing his view of slavery in the poem, he is
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Another important factor is the tone in which the poem has been written, which suggest the writer is speaking to the audience as if they are a friend, maybe somebody who was also a slave on the ship, who happen to have experienced the same things that Mr Braithwaite has experienced.

Going down and under the limbo stick is likened to the slaves' going down into the hold of the ship, which will cart them into slavery.
Another interesting fact is that In Roman Catholic tradition, limbo is that place where people’s souls go, if they are not good enough for heaven or bad enough for hell, this resembles a place that that is an unliveable and unlikeable place, or a place from

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