Lifestyle, Society and Culture Essay

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How do events impact lifestyle? Events impact any type of lifestyle in a variety of ways. For example, the impact on the lifestyle of a person living in a third world country experiencing a drought would be much different than of they were living in a more developed area. For the person in the third world country, they might have trouble finding a good source of water, and they would have a tougher time growing food that they and their livestock could eat. A person in a first world country might see the price of food or bottled water go up. If a person in a third world country experienced ideal weather for growing food and having a good source of water, they would be able to feed themselves and their livestock. If a person in a …show more content…
What is acceptable in society and why does this change? Society is always changing what it thinks of as acceptable. There are outliers within society that push either towards suppressing more exuberant thoughts, or expressing them. In the 20th century, the outliers in society who express those exuberant thoughts were more successful than the ones against them. This is largely due to the progressive tendencies of the human race. For example, the outliers in society towards the end of the 1960s changed what was acceptable in society by loudly expressing their thoughts. Musicians at the beginning of the 60's were expected to be dressed well (to reflect good musicianship) and as the social revolution that took place went on, they began to experiment with different types of fashion, and society was partly shocked, and partly fascinated. Due to stubborn progressiveness, those outliers eventually changed what was acceptable in society, and the same force (with different people) is taking place today. A few years ago, meat was worn as clothing. Last year, skin-tight pants were banned at the "Freshman Academy." The rule was enforced for about two weeks, until the teachers gave up on trying to enforce it. One year later, skin-tight pants are normally worn (and are no longer a risky fashion statement). This is partly due to the lack of effort that occurred among the people who tried to enforce the rules, and partly due

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