Lifestyle in Iraq and America Essay

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There have been many changes in my life since I came to USA. I was born in Iraq and moved to USA in 2000. I have grown up and seen many differences in two different worlds. I am now living in a happier place and with all the freedom I can have. In Iraq we as the women’s and the girls were not allowed to wear anything short like shirts, sleeveless shirts, skirts, and shorts. In Iraq wearing anything short and showing little bit of the stomach was something wrong and people around would be looking at a person you wouldn’t want to be looking at that way. So in that case we even the girls had to cover up themselves by wearing long or half sleeves shirt and long pants which actually looked more properly. The only time was acceptable to wear …show more content…
Schools in Iraq weren’t that enough for the students. Some schools didn’t have doors for some of the classes; windows were broken, as well as no heater, fan and enough desks. In my school we had turns for each student to come early before school starts clean up the class room, bring big bags as the classroom door and window. And if the homework wasn’t done the teacher would have the nerve to hit the student in the hand with a think wooden ruler. In America my schools were nothing like my back home schools. My schools in America had doors, unbroken windows, heaters, fans, everything. Most importantly there is no such a thing taking turns and clean the classroom and bring bags for the classroom. In America it’s against the law to hit or touch a student. Attending school in Iraq students must wear uniforms; hair must be up and tied in a ribbon and long or colored nails were not allowed. My schools in Iraq we as students had to wear navy uniforms with black shoes and a red ribbon. Every morning before class starts, the principle and teachers had to check us to see if we are dressed nice and clean they also had to

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