Life on Other planets. Essay

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One of the most common unanswered questions scientists find themselves asking is "Is there life on other planets?" Since the first famously documented UFO sighting in 1947, the idea of extra-terrestrial life has been debated almost non-stop. The subject has inspired many TV programs, such as The X-Files, and films (Mars Attacks, Independence Day, and the Men in Black films to name but a few). Scientists have come up with many new ideas and ways of trying to either prove or disprove the existence of life elsewhere.

Mars is a very similar planet to earth in relation to size and atmosphere. Therefore it seemed like the most likely place to search for life. At the end of the 19th century, an American named Percival Lowell built
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The other possibility is that we can examine the atmosphere of other likely planets or moons. The planet Earth is largely made up of oxygen (20%) due to the presence of photosynthesising plants producing oxygen as a waste product. If an indication of oxygen appeared in a different planetary atmosphere, it would have a high chance of holding life forms on it. To learn about different atmospheres it isn't mandatory to visit the planet. We can find this information by looking at the light spectrum it emits.

People however think it would be more fascinating to discover intelligent life elsewhere. The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence project (SETI) has been running for several decades, but has not yet found any concrete evidence that intelligent beings truly exist outside of Earth.
Earth is constantly sending radiation into space. All broadcasting stations produce radio waves. These waves spread from a transmitter, and many of these end up in space, travelling away from us at the speed of light. It is very possible that, if there is intelligent life capable of producing these same signals, we will be able to pick them up. It is just as likely that they will deliberately send out signals that we will be able to receive, and will convince us of extra-terrestrial intelligence. The SETI project has been using radio telescopes since the 60's, but has had no positive results yet.
The SETI project began in 1959 when Philip Morrison and Guiseppe

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