Essay on Life in Prison for Criminals that Rape a Teenager

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Your mother, your sister, your aunt, your daughter, and your wife are the target victims of rapist. There are no particular people who are not in danger of being raped. The reasons why rape suspects if found guilty, deserve the harshest punishment that the law allows because rape ruins a person’s life. For instance, in the articles “Thanks for Ruining My Life” and “Dead California Teen’s Family Sue Suspects in Sexual Assault Case,’ the victim express depression and deep emotional scars which were dug deeper by the court system not believing the victim. The crime of rape becomes a greater injustice when the victim is looked at as a non-victim. The suspects, in most instances, are given the benefit of the doubt. When a rape test is …show more content…
Some of the symptoms could be something as simple as lying to a symptom as large as substance abuse. One important symptom of PTSD is substance abuse. Substance abuse is one of the most addictive and quickest ways to numb the pain. Rather than going to the doctor, waiting hours for the doctor to figure out the diagnosis, the victim will “self-medicate” themselves. Even though substance abuse is dangerous for the victim, the victim only cares about that natural high and not their well being. The victim sees this as a way of running away from the disaster which has happened to her. Other symptoms rape victims experience are uncontrollable nightmares, severe emotional trauma and the inability to participate in past activities or hobbies (Substance Abuse).
Rapes happen every day and many of them go un-reported. According to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, “40% get reported to the authority” (Substance Abuse). Out of “10 crimes” of rape reported, “only 3% will be convicted” (Reporting Rates). The statistics presented from “Reporting Rates” reveals the sad but true state of the judicial system. While sexual assaults aren’t reported at a high percentage, those that are reported aren’t prosecuted as if they weren’t a capital crime. Judges have the ability to detain a suspect due to the accusation of rape.
I would imagine that most female judges are

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