Life Divided in "The Sun Also Rises" Essay

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Differences are an essential part of every society. Without them, nothing would ever change. Life would continue as it always had: completely static and dull, devoid of transformation. Social differences though similar to social divisions, can exclude certain persons. Many have wondered if the necessity of compartmentalizing and grouping society outweigh the cost. Ernest Hemingway believed that people should promote social divisions as completely healthy and natural. The Sun Also Rises, when viewed through Marxist critique, states that every person plays a distinct societal role, holding civilization together. People can easily recognize gender roles. Hemmingway assigned unique and equally powerful characteristics to each sex. Lady …show more content…
These characteristics often get her and others into trouble. Jake epitomizes men’s best qualities: a good work ethic and sensibility. They pursue pleasure and find it in different ways. Jake’s carefree and businesslike attitude illustrates men’s public role in society. Men have more prominent roles in the public, despite their occasional irrationality. Petty arguments often break out among the intelligent and foolish, male characters. The balanced allotment of power between the sexes shows the harmony social divisions create. Income often separates classes of people. Money influences every aspect of the world, rationalizing the revenue based role assignment. The Sun Also Rises exemplifies this. Count Mippipopolous, a wealthy, elderly Grecian, escorts Brett around Paris and funds her expensive lifestyle. His privileged station allowed him to always have his way. The count could experience life because of his money. He realized that pursuing happiness was all that mattered. He had the means to do so, therefore he achieved success. The working accomplishes the same sensation on a different level. Pedro Romero, a successful bull fighter, loves Lady Ashley despite Montoya’s attempt to discourage him. Simple economics should have convinced Romero to continue his career. Though talented, he lost a significant amount of money when he persued Brett. Their difficult breakup

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