Essay on Life as a Disney Imagineer

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Throughout life one takes countless journeys and comes to appreciate new experiences and life lessons. Being raised to understand how to value a dollar and what a dollar is worth gave me insight into the world of finance. Therefore, there is no inquiry why finance caught my attention. For four years I have studied hard to comprehend wealth, currency, financing, and funding through my education of receiving degrees in Finance and Accounting. However, I by no means wanted an occupation where one consistently does the same task on a daily basis with no space for growth. I yearn for a profession that can take me to new encounters and new understandings; and for one day after visiting Disneyland I knew precisely what I would embrace. The …show more content…
The fascinating element about being an entrepreneur or Imagineer is what someone can imagine one can create and develop their ideas either in 2D or 3D that individuals may have never seen before. The challenge of these goals in creating a company and theme park creates new developments that can be difficult to overcome and certain aspects of the project are overlooked or forgotten. For example: training, financing, perceiving a set vision in the company, communicating, planning, and having the correct tools in place for future expansion, growth, and infrastructures. The challenge of becoming an Imagineer is education, experience, creativity, and competition. In order to achieve the goals I have formed for myself one must look towards the KSA’s (knowledge, skills, and abilities). What I require in order to complete my goals is an educational background in accounting, finance, management, and entrepreneurship. Having an Associate in Accounting, Bachelors in Finance, Certificate in Organizational Management, and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship will be of assistance, however having real world experience, certifications, and having an MBA will improve my understanding and ability to run a company and run operations under the guidance of building or expanding rides and theme

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