Life and Times of James Joyce Essay

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James Augustine Aloysius Joyce was born in a wealthy suburb of Ireland just south of Dublin on February 2, 1882. The Joyce family was considered of the upper class and had blood lines that could be traced back to old Irish nobility in the country. Their "noble" blood did not prove to be enough to maintain their social status, the family's position in society steadily declined as James Joyce aged, and he was constantly moving to more modest residences, a main cause of this was due to James' father, John Joyce, who had problems with unemployment. John Joyce was an Irish Catholic who had issues with alcohol and managing money. James Joyce's father was considered a patriot, and his influences are very evident in Joyce's work, …show more content…
Less than a year later, Joyce left Ireland again and eventually settled in Zurich. During this time Joyce met Nora Barnacle, who he eventually had two children with, although they did not marry until much later. Another important influence in Joyce's life was his younger brother, Stanislaus Joyce. The writer relied on the support of his brother for financial assistance and emotional support throughout his entire life. Joyce later placed himself in exile from Ireland and began to write Ulysses while living in Paris. He continued to live in France until the outbreak of World War II when he and his family were allowed to move to Switzerland. James Joyce died of a stomach ulcer in 1941, after having survived several eye surgeries that hindered his sight greatly. He was buried in Zurich at their Fluntern Cemetery. Due to the failure of Joyce's last book, Finnegans Wake, his prestige had faltered at the time of his death and it was not until the decades after his death that James Joyce was recognized as a forbearer in Modernism who had written arguably the best book of the twentieth century (GradeSaver).

Dubliners was the title of James Joyce's first book, which he wrote in 1905. The book was not published until 1913, a year before A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man became available in its serialized form. It was not until 1916 in the United States that A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man was put into print in its entirety. Six years later

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