Essay Liberation, Reductionism, and Preferential Option

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Explain the meaning and significance of the following statement by Gutiérrez, and demonstrate its relationship to a comprehensive view of liberation, (including the danger of reductionism), and the importance of the preferential option for the poor : "The present life is considered to be a test: one’s actions are judged and assessed in relation to the transcendent end. The perspective here is moralistic, and the spirituality is one of flight from this world" (p. 84).

The magnificence of human life is so transparent because it is sacred seeing that it is an act of creation. Life diverts an inimitable place in creation since it was created in the image of God. The protection of human life is the conclusive value, a support of beliefs
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In life, people especially young individuals, never appreciate life until death snatches a love one right out of one’s grasp. Because life is something so precious and can be taken away so fast, gratefulness of life should be present. Life as a test can best be expressed by the idea of a student in school is taught a lesson and then given a test right after, however once that student enters the real world he or she is given a test that teaches a lesson. The lessons in life should teach one what actions they should perform and which ones that should not, keeping in mind that one will be judged off of those actions in order to make it into Heaven. In addition in “A Theology of a Liberation,” Gutierrez avows that, “Normally, only contact with the channels of grace instituted by God can eliminate sin, the obstacle that stands in the way of reaching that life beyond” (Gutierrez 84). Sin is simply an act that is performed by people because it is what they want to do. Tendency to sin in action could be very resistible to some and easier for others. For example, children are not taught to misbehave or to be self-centered, but saying “no” to a child who has his or her heart set on something and one can see the drive to sin. Because sin is a turning away from God one begins to feel a sense of separation from God. When one has committed a very small sin, most people will feel a tiny stitch of guilt, an uncomfortable

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