Liberal versus Marxist Feminism and Women in Corporate America

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Liberal versus Marxist Feminism and Women in Corporate America

Liberal feminists believe that oppression and inequality must be justified. In other words, any inequality between genders must be explained and justified, in order for it to be accepted by the liberal feminists. According to our textbook, the liberal feminism originated from the social contract theories. Such theories state that all forms of social domination or authority must be justified, according to the textbook. Liberal feminists hold a view that every member of the society should be equal. They also insist that the violent forms of oppression should be controlled throughout the society, for they find domestic violence and violence against women to an unjustifiable
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They further argue that the basis of oppression and inequality is founded by the very idea of private property. Liberal feminists would disagree, for they consider the private property and affairs outside the scope of their control. They would argue that it is the social education and development that responsible for sex based inequalities.

Proponent of Marxist Feminism:

The proponent would argue that a materialistic possession of vitally important to the community resources could lead to the possessive attitudes towards women. If one can decide whether the community lives or dies, then why can't one decide whether a person lives or dies? Again, the proponent will state that any form of oppression has to have a root or foundation, and they would argue that the concept of capitalism is such foundation for further exploitation.

Proponent of Liberal Feminism:

The proponent would state that it is unarguable that two new babies of different sex are equal. The proponent would state that only further social development shapes such babies into an inferior and a superior. Further on, the proponent would demand a justification for the very idea of gender inferiority. He or she would say that different educational and developmental methods lead to different levels of intelligence and thinking. He or she would say that the very idea that the biological gender difference determines the social status is unjustifiable and should be

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