Essay Les Cathedrales

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Les Cathedrales

Les Cathedrales are an important part of almost any society. They provide the communities in which they stand with an amazing sense of prosperity and pride. The term cathedral derives from the Latin word Cathedra, which means throne for the bishop. A cathedral is the bishops church, the administrative center of the dioceses and the spiritual center for the entire region. In le moyen age cathedrals also served as the focus of city life. The construction of these important cultural edifices was a long, tedious and extremely painstaking process. The building of these immense structures took anywhere from thirty to almost 90 years. The main architectural types used during the time period were Romanesque
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The folds in their clothes were stiff, rigid, and flat. It may also be noted that in the time of Romanesque architecture children (such as Baby Jesus) were often portrayed to look like small men. They were molded and shaped in the same manner as a full grown adult, only to a much smaller scale. Above le portail was a form of statuary especially important during the
Romanesque time period. In le tympanum, which is the area above the door of the cathedral, a seated Christ was placed. This was done in mostly every cathedral during the Romanesque time period. Because so many of the Romanesque and early gothic cathedrals were done on such a large scale, it was rare to have seen one artist or stone-mason complete the job himself. However, this is what was done by a very important artist of the time named
Gislebertus. Gislebertus is one of the only stone-masons given credit for the work he did because during that time, most of the cathedrals were known by who inhabited it, not by who decorated it. Gislebertus' style was a rarity for le moyen age because he usually carried out a whole design by himself. Most master-masons did the relief over the main portal and left the rest of the job to their assistants, however Gislebertus did the entire job himself, by hand. That was an remarkable accomplishment for that time period. It was so amazing that

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