Lent Sermon Essay

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Brilliant white light-flicker shimmers; steel-gray on the wind above soft-rolled, angry cotton, dirty and coldly clouding the wind-blown, wool-white blanket below, softly dusted spindly pine and desert scrub bric-a-brac over bedrock color of claret – no sound, all muffled soft, enwrapped in winter like an icy blanket. Call it imagery: visual, tactile, aural; call it figurative language in metaphor or simile; call it description – call it what you will, but recognize what it is…just a moment in time, a snapshot, going nowhere, doing nothing – a picture. In the world of literature, one might enjoy such a picture, but the argument could be made that, for all the beauty of imagery, plot is king. Plot paints the wintery, windblown, desert …show more content…
Both had every reason to be happy – by their positions and connections, their closeness to him. The religious leaders, of all the people, knew the Word and promises of God – the plot God had plotted out – or they should have; they should have been able to recognize the fulfillment of God’s love in Jesus whom they hated. Likewise, Judas was, literally, “of the number of the twelve” – a disciple of Jesus. No one closer on earth to Jesus than them – but as it turned out for Judas, no one so far removed.
So back to those plots then. A good story always has rising action, conflict coursing through to the climax. A daily, customary action for those religious leaders flowed from their hate for Jesus. “Looking for some way to get rid of” him they were. If these religious leaders had daily planners, they might have read like this: “get groceries, feed dog, buy beef for sacrifice, get more beard-wax, brainstorm doing away with Jesus of Nazareth”. An ongoing thing – their office garbage cans were piled high with crumpled plans for assassination both of the character and the person of Jesus. And, as a sickening window into their sin-darkened hearts, Luke offers that when Judas came with assistance by way of betrayal “they were delighted” – check.
What we know about their action after is that they discussed how they might do away with Christ…but as to the

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