Essay on Legalization of Marijuana

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For decades the marijuana prohibition has been violating individual’s rights, but scientific research has proven that marijuana has therapeutic uses and is harmless compared to other drugs. Therefore, marijuana should not be considered a dangerous drug and should be legalized. The prohibition of marijuana did not end with crime; nonetheless, it is responsible for the imprisonment of thousands of its users. The government’s campaign against marijuana has also created cultural factors that make the use of marijuana socially unacceptable. However, it should be up to each individual to decide if he/she wants to use marijuana whether it is for pleasure or for therapeutic reasons.

The legalization of marijuana has been strongly
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The idea that marijuana use results in the use of “harder” drugs is not true because over time there has not been any consistent relationship between the use patterns of various drugs (“NORML Report on Marijuana”). It is true that users of heroin, LSD, and cocaine have used marijuana, but research has shown that most marijuana users never use another illegal drug. Research shows that marijuana use increased in the 1960s and 1970s, while heroin use decreased. In the 1980s when marijuana use decreased, heroin use remained stable (Grinspoon, Marihuana Reconsidered 118). There are many claims that marijuana is an addictive drug but without scientific evidence one cannot believe these claims.

It has always been believed that marijuana use causes brain damage which is false. Marijuana is psychoactive because it stimulates certain brain receptors, but it does not produce the toxins that kill them, and it does not wear them out as other drugs do (Grinspoon, “Whither Medical Marijuana” 30). There is no evidence of anyone dying of a marijuana overdose (Weir 14). Alcohol overdoses claim five thousand casualties every year while marijuana has killed no one as far as officials report (Weir 14). There is a great deal of misinformation about marijuana which has led people to believe that marijuana is a dangerous and harmful drug, but

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