Learning About the Future Essay

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Harry James Potter strode towards the gargoyle, guarding the Headmistress' office and was surprised to see that three other people were already standing at the entrance. Before Harry could even mutter an appropriate greeting, he had heard a loud shriek before his vision was completely obscured by a large quantity of very bushy, yet tamed hair. Smiling, Harry pulled one of his best friends into a brotherly hug and then held her at arm's-length to get a good look at her. The girl standing before him wore faded jeans and what looked like one of Ron's old sweatshirts that he had gotten for Christmas a few years ago. Her hair as Harry had pointed out in the last few sentences was bushy yet it also had that more tamable look about it.
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The pressure had been way too much and Harry had escaped the press and the crowd, wanting to forget about everything that had happened throughout the last seven years of his life. Harry had only just got back into the wizarding world, not having seen his friends yet. He knew, or rather thought that everybody would have been pissed at him, but after seeing his friends again, Harry knew that he had been over exaggerating once again. That didn't mean that Harry still wasn't waiting for questions to be asked, but he hoped that it would wait until another time. Harry ran a hand through his untidy hair, so that a faint scar, the shape of a lightning could be seen, before speaking.

"So, shall we; I wouldn't want to face the wrath of our dear old professor for our punctuality problems." Everyone laughed at that, Hermione turning to the gargoyle and muttered the password.

"Lemon Drops!" The gargoyle jumped to the side, revealing the moving staircases and Hermione turned amused to the three boys, each with a look of shocked written in their eyes. "Ironic, isn't it? I think McGonagall may have fancied Dumbledore....it's too bad that he was gay" and at that, each boy dropped their jaw. "You wouldn't want to catch a fly would you?" Hermione asked, suppressing the urge to burst out laughing. Ron Weasley was the first to recover and asked the question that had been on each boy's

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