Learning About Racism and Glory Road Essay

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Racism has been a major issue in this world throughout history and still occurs today. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, racism is the poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race. There are numerous movies that focus on the subject of racism, and Glory Road is a movie that depicts racism very accurately. Glory Road achieves this by vividly explaining the attitudes of the players and how they had to fight to break down the barriers of discrimination in order to have a successful season. Glory Road is a motivational underdog story about Texas Western’s 1965-1966 Men’s Basketball team. The film emphasizes how serious racism was during the 1960’s, and focuses on the discrimination the team had to go …show more content…
To win the national title, they beat an all-white Kentucky team that was coached by Adolph Rupp, one of the most renowned coaches in NCAA history (Gartner). This was far from a simple task though. Along the ride, the players were threatened, mugged, and verbally abused. The movie includes a scene where the players of Texas Western are running out on the court while the white fans are throwing food and drinks, spitting, and screaming at them. The movie also shows a player getting mugged by two white men in a bathroom of a restaurant.
Later in the movie, the players return to their hotel rooms in East Texas to find them vandalized with blood-smeared walls with the words “Niggers die.” The players in the movie expressed fear and anger. In the South during that time, blacks were not accepted. According to Roger Ebert, “there was an ‘informal rule’ that you never played more than one black player at home, two on the road or three if you were behind.” As the team went farther into the season, the racism became worse most likely due to the fact that the team was winning. The “Mighty Miners” did not let these acts of hate reflect on how they played as a team, however. According to Frank Fitzpatrick, they had an overall record of 28-1 which is absolutely astounding for any team especially considering the circumstances at which they had to perform. Even though it seems as if only the black players had it rough that

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