Learning about Ancient Civilization from the Indian Mahabharata

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Learning about Ancient Civilization from the Indian Mahabharata

I believe that the Mahabharata historically teaches us about ancient Indian civilization wonderfully. Whether the epic really happened or not, many in present day India really do believe in the mystical world of god, goddesses, and god-like warrior kings. For them to have such faith in the epic says a lot about their culture, which is rich of soul and in my opinion imagination. Is it safe to say that some of the cultural make-up exhibited in the Mahabharata such as male and female roles pass on to today India? I think so. Of course India has grown much since the telling of the Mahabharata, but through the lives of the Dhritarashtra and Pandu's families we can see how
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When Arjuna won Draupadi he had to string a bow and hit a target. Sometimes the princesses father already know who they want their daughter to marry. The bow that Arjuna strung was meant to be strung only by him, because only his strength could do so. The king Drupada did not believe that the Pandavas had died in the fire so he made this task especially for Arjuna to find the brothers alive. His plan worked.

The male roles for the main characters in the epic, which were kings, were to be skilled in battle. It just seems that for a kingdom to be prosperous its king would have to know how to defend his land. The last hundred pages or so of my version of the book tells of the skills the kings could offer in the giant family battle between Dhritarashtra?s family and of the Pandava brothers. The Pandava brothers? warrior skills were that Arjuna was a marvelous archer, Bhima was a strong as a giant, Yudhisthira was gifted with the spear, and Sahadeva was excellent with the sword along with his brother Nakula. If the king was not so great in battle stragies or skills he would have a commander in chief. This was exhibited with Kichaka, which was the commander in chief of the Matsya kingdom. If not for the Pandava brothers the Matsya Kingdom could have fallen after his death.
Another fact f the male gender is that they were not meant to dance. When

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