Leadership to Help Us Service in This World Essay

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When it comes to surviving in this world people expect for some sort of leader or organization to guide them into creating a utopia, however not everyone is so lucky to find such a person or group and instead have to endure hardships for some megalomaniacs. There are three categories that we list countries under and the first is freedom which is best exemplified by the United States of America where people have free will to participate in politics. Then there are non-democratic states or simply not free states like Russia where there is evidence that the government is corrupt and the people are oppressed. Then there is the partly free state where the state is in transition between free and not free like Egypt where the people …show more content…
Around 2005 is when Russia official lost its status of partly free to not free due to the loss of many opposing political parties and the increase of executive power. This dropped political rights from a rank of 5 down to a 6 and this combine with rank 5 civil liberties reduced the quality of freedom from a rank of 5 to a rank of 5.5. Since 2005 these numbers have stayed consistent, this statistic of course does not prove that the quality of life before 2005 was any better since before, during, and after the soviet collapse in 1991 there has been a increasing trend in oppression against everyone who is from a different race, religion, political group, etc. An instance of this is observed in the poor treatment of political rights in small parties as not only do they receive little to no media coverage they are often harassed by more dominate groups. The citizens also have been given a disadvantage in their civil liberties as their freedom of speech and freedom to assemble are discouraged by threats of violence and imprisonment from the police and the government. Freedom House identifies that Russia is not an electoral democracy as there has been records proving that during 2012 the current President Vladimir Putin had received several advantages in media coverage and has had ties to numerous misconducts during the vote tallies for his run for office. This

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