Leadership Styles in the Work Environment Essay

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Leadership is a tool composed by character and personally born with each human and develop during the stage of life. The History have showed us along the years under the development of the society extraordinary leaders, some of them decided to used it for the wrong purposes or their own benefits, and some others just with the idea to help others in need. As our book mentioned in page 367, Talleyrand wrote; “I am afraid of an army of 100 sheep led by a lion than an army of 100 lions lees by a sheep” In addition, a great leader inside companies understand their employees under a decent and fair work environment, also, they have always present the importance of build a stronger long-term relationship with their workforce, based on …show more content…
Her concept of perseverance and leadership is very particular and at the same time extraordinary. Ursula exalt the examples of her mother and everything she learned from her, from simple things like how to solve problems to how to achieve big dreams by dedicating time to a particular activity. I strongly agree with Mrs. Burns, The CEO should be the “Leader” of the organization, that person who everyone admires and learns from by examples. There are cases of some corporations, where big part of the director’s board contributes in a negative way with their decisions linked to scandal or the organization debacle. In addition, lets analyze the “dollar value” of a Leader or a CEO like Mrs. Burns. Corporations, companies, factories, and business in general, generate revenues, some years in a higher percentage than others and the key to a successful year is strategic planning of business operations leading by the CEO of the organization. The CEOs compensation is paid as commissions, same as sales associates in a car dealership: The bigger the sale, the bigger the commission on the paychecks. But not everyone has the ability to be successful as a CEO in a corporation, you need to have extra skills, knowledge and experience in order to succeed above everyone else. For example 2007 Chief Executive, 55 years old, out of which 18.7 years with the company and 7.3 years as CEO, receives a monthly salary of $4,005. Also listed is his ownership are median value stock owned – 19 and

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