Language Acquisition and Acculturation Essay

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Language is a medium of communication and a carrier of culture because all that people know about their origin is communicated to them using language. In most cases mother tongues are suitable in expressing ones way of life. The native language is the best in expressing basic societal affairs. Language is the key medium of communication and it should be used in its simplest form because the simpler the language the easier the communication (Diyanni 633-639).
‘Mother Tongue’ a story by Amy Tan tries to take us through the different events one should change the manner in which he or she uses language with the listeners. As the speaker, one should use the appropriate language for the right audience so as to avoid circumstances in which
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Tan changes her language to fit that of her mother and husband. When at home, there is a simpler language that she uses to communicate with the family members (Diyanni 633-639).
Language is influenced by the people who surround someone and also affect the manner in which one applies his or her grammar. Tan finds difficulty in being proficient in Language because the kind of English they speak with her mother is almost native and it is the same language she uses in her first novel until her mother says it is easy to read. Tan says that she is efficient in working out sciences and mathematics than English. This is because the kind of English she talks limits her in articulation of ideas because she first interprets in her native language then tries to fit the words in English hence losing the meaning and creativity of using words. When language lacks creativity, it becomes monotonous thus being a language that does not provoke emotions or evoke sense of humor.
In The Veil, language is used to express the immediate concerns of the character that represent the actual human being. Without use of language that coherent, no one can attend to you case. The students are demanding for freedom citing that they do not understand why they need to wear the veils which are really uncomfortable (Satrapi).
Language is used with specific stereotypes which make the language to have a sense

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