Langauge and Common Communication Essay examples

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Every year, laws and legislation are proposed to make English the official language of the United States. Supporters claim that there will be a great reduction in fees, whether it is for translators at public schools or bilingual interpreters for government officials. Problems caused by miscommunication due to language differences could easily be avoided if every citizen spoke English. They hope to accomplish this by requiring all immigrants to learn English before they are allowed to live in America. This ensures that everyone that steps foot onto American soil will have knowledge of the common language spoken, and miscommunication is kept at a minimum. However, the consequences of requiring a uniform language cannot be ignored. The …show more content…
Research has found that “the way we think influences the way we speak, but the influence also goes the other way” (Boroditsky). Each culture has a unique way of thinking and speaking. “The language spoken in a family… plays a large role in shaping the language of a child” (Tan 406). In this way, children that grew up speaking Japanese or Spanish, for example, will, no doubt, think differently than peers that were taught to speak English. These thoughts and words bring new ideas and opinions into light, and without it, the monotonous repetition of similar views only leads a discussion around in a circle. Even with these differing thoughts, because of language barriers, foreign citizens may find themselves suppressed from society due to their lack of their lack of knowledge of the language. They may take it upon themselves to learn the common language, but it should be on their own terms. By demanding that they acquire the new language takes away the sense of freedom that America is always promising. On top of that, learning a new language is not always easy. English is very difficult to learn if an individual is not exposed to it from birth. The many rules and exemptions, along with different pronunciations of words that are spelled the same, make it even more difficult to get a good grasp on the language. This causes discouragement when learning English, and that, in turn, leaves one feeling isolated from society because of “not being able to

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