Lady Macbeth as a Wife and as a Woman in William Shakespeare's Macbeth

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Lady Macbeth as a Wife and as a Woman in William Shakespeare's Macbeth

In the play 'Macbeth', there is one main relationship. This is between Lady Macbeth and Macbeth. At the beginning of the play, Lady Macbeth is the stronger partner. She believes that with her help, Macbeth can become King of Scotland. She uses all her powers of persuasion to get Macbeth to murder the King. She plans all his actions and tells him how to show himself in public. What she doesn't plan is his growing passion for power and murder or even her madness. At the end of the play, the roles in the relation ship had changed, where she was once been the stronger partner, she becomes the weaker, and in the end, commits suicide.
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Without the help of evil, she would not have even considered planning the murder of the King. She covers this side of her personality until certain events and I think what makes her mad is that she never shows her true personality.

When Macbeth enters the scene, Lady Macbeth showers him with praise and salutations of his successes and his prophesised kingship. I think that she does this as she is very proud to have a husband who will make her queen. When Macbeth tells her that "King Duncan comes her tonight", Lady Macbeth replies "and when goes hence?" I think that this is a test for Macbeth, as it will let Lady Macbeth know if she should tell him all about her plan. When he replies with "tomorrow, as he purposes", this is a good enough answer for Lady Macbeth. This tells her that Macbeth can be trusted and will go along with her plans, With this she begins to instruct Macbeth, not on the murder, but that he must "look like the innocent flower/ But be the serpent under't" in front of the King for that night. For that night was the night of the murder. I think that Lady Macbeth doesn't feel right hiding her personality, and by making Macbeth do so also, she doesn't feel so alone. I think it also brings them closer together for awhile, as they can share the responsibility of acting innocent to the king and all his followers.

I think that even

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