Essay on La Cultura Cubana

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La Cultura Cubana Yo sueno con los ojos abiertos, y de dia y noche siempre sueno y sobre las espumas del ancho mar revuelto y por entre las crespas arenas del desierto...
~Jose Marti The media has always been one of the most important ways that human beings communicate. It is a form of personal and political expression that reveals important and intimate information about a culture. In the case of Cuba, where society is influenced by many peoples, and political alignments are in constant reform, culture is very rich. By examining the information presented in the media and the public's reaction to it, the heart of a nation is revealed and the world is brought closer together through television, newspapers and
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Most of these were controlled (at least financially) by the Batista regime (Luis, 63). After the revolution, only a handful of newspapers, such as Alerta and Presna Libre, remained to be absorbed by the new government (63). The main newspaper, Revolución , originally developed as the clandestine publication of revolutionaries, informing the public of the coming uprising. Today it is as government sanctioned and official as possible. Based on the Marxists publication, Pravda, Revolución follows a communist ideology (Nichols, 77). The paper offers no claim of objective journalism or independence. There is very little emphasis on current events or individual achievements, but rather on social processes (77). It is commonly recognized as a tool of the government to “transmit, explain, and interpret the important actions of the government to the mass population” (77). It is also used as a way for the population to report back to the government through mediums such as a column of correspondence or, worker reports written by randomly chosen volunteers to give a summery of working conditions (Nichols, 79). If the people were not given this opportunity to express themselves, the government would b completely cut off from them and out of touch with them. This situation would be volatile, and therefore a threat to the

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