Essay on Killing Mr. Griffin

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     This story starts when Susan McConnell is walking across her school’s parking lot, thinking about their new teacher, Mr. Griffin. As she was walking across the parking lot, she thought about how she hated spring, and how she wished that she lived on a lake somewhere; She then thought about how her realist father had put it. He had asked her how she was going to pay the property taxes. After that, she started realizing that of all the times that she had said someday, they would probably mean never.

     Just then, David, her crush, came along, and was a bit angry at the fact that his paper had been lost, except for the piece that Susan had caught. They than commented about all of the
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Griffin and asked why ha had not the understanding to re-explain the assignment, and give extra help, and also asked why he didn’t give any “A’s.”

     Later, when Mark and his clique were in the soda shop, he jokingly suggested that they kill Mr. Griffin. But then, he later suggested that they "just kidnap him," and make him "crawl," effectively making him want to persecute, on such absurd charges that the school might think him unworthy of his job, and fire him; This would solve their whole problem, and get rid of him for a long time to come.

     They then worked out a plan, choosing Susan as their “decoy,” the person who would lure Mr. Griffin into staying after school, and then they would jump him when he went for his car. She would be the perfect candidate, because of her standing in class as a nice, inconspicuous person.

     Later, after they took Susan into the mountains, and persuaded her to take part, the scene changes to Mr. Griffin’s bedroom, where we learn that his wife was pregnant, and all about how she came to know Brian Griffin.

All of the children then carried out their plan to perfection, Susan played her role effortlessly, although she transformed into a crying lump after seeing Mr. Griffin, whom had just given her his first compliment, being bound and held captive for being a horrible teacher. David told her not to worry, just to tell

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