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It is important to ensure that the Learning Objectives have been achieved and that learning by the students have mastered the course. To decipher the level of learning, assessments are developed to make such determinations. This paper will provide examples of assessments of the learning objectives created in the previous Module. It will also discuss the use of Outcome-Based Assessments (OBA), and provide an outcome based assessment for an adult keyboard course. It will define and discuss the purpose of an Outcome-Based Assessment, the challenges such an assessment, and describe solutions that can be utilized when implementing this assessment into a program.
Assessment of Learning Objective
Keyboarding Assessment
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Carter goes onto to describe how educators are inclined to view learning in relation to inputs. They are often prone to "assume that the inputs we provide for students will lead to certain outcomes, the knowledge, skills, and other attributes we believe graduates should possess" Outcome-based assessment, tends to evaluate the student's performance based on outcomes, rather than inputs used in traditional education. Outcomes as defined by Spady and Marshall (1994), "are clear, observable, demonstrations of student learning that occur after a significant set of learning experiences. They are not values,...activities, assignments, goals, scores, grades or averages..." (Pallapu, 2004). Outcome-Based Assessment has many purposes. In Marilyn M. Lombardi's article, Making the Grade: The Role of Assessment in Authentic Learning, Lombardi describes the various purposes OBA. First OBA helps teachers, administrators, parents and students identify the needs of the learner. Incorporated with identifying their needs, OBA helps to track the learners academic progress, focuses on their learning pace and can determine if it needs to be adjusted to ensure the student is indeed learning the material. OBA helps to diagnosis any problems in the learning process by helping the student improve their

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