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Key traits of a successful manager
There is an unsubtle transition between being a normal employee and becoming a manager. There are many key traits that can lead to being a successful manager. There are also many factors that can lead to the failure. Because no one ever wants to learn how to be an unsuccessful manager we are going to explore the many different traits that lead to success in management. First we are going to take a look at what exactly a manager is. Next we are going to learn about particular traits that are common in successful managers. Lastly we will cover things to avoid as a manager and also some tips for new managers.
What is a manager?
A good definition for what a manager is says that anyone who allocates and
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Regardless of size, managers work towards a common goal, which is when a specific period of time is assigned to a desired outcome or a destination that a company wants to reach. Companies can achieve these goals by using the resources that we talked about earlier i.e. money, information, materials, and people.
Some believe that the most important factor in a manager’s success is the one thing that you don’t typically see. The leadership of a manager is the one thing that will determine either the upmost success or the complete and udder failure of a manager. There are many definitions of what leadership is. One is based on one person’s ability to have other people follow them voluntarily. A more formal definition is a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task. I like to simplify it as much as possible by saying that a leader is basically someone who people follow. John Kotter of Harvard University is credited with saying that a leader is someone who can “initiate and facilitate change.” Thomas Stewart said “the truth is that no one factor makes a company admirable, but if you were forced to pick the one that makes the most difference, you’d pick leadership.” This reinforces the thought that leadership builds management, which stabilizes a company. Knowing what a manager or leader

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