Key Elements of Best Value Essay

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Key Elements of Best Value

In June 1997 the Government announced that it intended to replace the Compulsive Competitive Tendering regime with Best Value as soon as parliament would allow. In December 1997, 37 pilot projects were announced to take Best Value forward. March 1998 saw the publication of the green paper "Modernising Local Government: Improving local services through Best Value", this was followed by the White Paper, "Modern Local Government: In Touch" with the publication of the Welsh White Paper "Local Voices: Modernising Local Government in Wales".

Compulsory Competitive Tendering preceded the new Best Value regime. CCT was introduced by Margaret Thatcher and was introduced to
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Under CCT although the authority were not in charge of the service they still had control due to the contracts, although the councils were often ill advised about contracts never having to write contracts for these sorts of issues previously. If a contract was being under performed, warnings could be given and the contract lost. Sunderland won all contracts they bid for in the beginning of the CCT and did not lose a contract until 1998 when one of the biggest parks contracts was lost, due to not having the best tender. Local Authorities throughout the country did this to keep the services within the authority.

Best Value then replaced CCT and in 1999 councils were instructed by the Audit

Commission to produce an annual performance plan, this is a statutory requirement and had to be complete by March 2000. The Audit Commission then have regular contact with all authorities and targets are monitored. If performance indicators aren't met then the Audit Commission can insist that the service goes out to tender. In London (Islington) this has happened in education. Ofsted reports showed that the education for certain age groups were under performing and not achieving national standards. The education department has now been privatised. The new regime offers better options for the local people and gives the

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