Karl Marx and His Ideas Essay

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Karl Marx and His Ideas

Karl Marx was born on May 5, 1818, in the city of Trier in the Rhineland, where he completed his early schooling. His fathers side of the family were all rabbis. His father was a prosperous lawyer who adopted Lutheranism for himself and his family in 1824. His mother was from Hungary, and she never learned to read or speak German. At the age of seventeen, he was sent to the University of Bonn to study law. After he was in a duel, he was transferred to the University of Berlin. Instead of applying himself to studying law, Marx began to read the Latin, English, and Italian classics and became interested in philosophy. At the age of nineteen, he became a member of a group who
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There they wrote German Ideology, which was not published until 1932. They then joined a communistic society called the League of Communists. When the society met in London in 1847, Marx and Engels were both present. There they wrote the Communist Manifesto. Engels wrote a first draft which was rewritten by Marx.

Soon after its publication, the February Revolution of 1848 broke out in France. Marx and Engels visited France while on their way to Cologne to help the revolution there. They then founded a newspaper and were able to support their campaign for revolution. The paper was then suppressed, and Marx was prosecuted for treason and expelled from Prussia. He then went to England.

Marx lived the last thirty-four years of his life in England. Living in Soho, he and his family lived off the money that Engels sent them. Most of his time was spent reading newspapers in the British museum or writing at home. Three of his six children died. In 1864 Marx again became active in politics. He organized the International Working Men's Association and served as the head of the general council.

With and improvement in fortune in his last years, he looked for help with his declining health all around Europe and then returned to England no better off than he had been. Marx died on March 14, 1883, in London, and was buried at the Highgate Cemetery.

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