juvenille justice Essay

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Juvenile crime prevention is something that people all across America think about. Many different types of programs have been started in hopes of cutting down juvenile crime. After school programs have been found to be effective.
Over 28 million children have both parents or their only parent working. It has been shown that children left alone after school tend to not do as well and are more likely to drop out as those who are supervised after school. It has also been shown that most juvenile crimes occur between 2pm and 8 pm. Two of the major causes believed to lead to juvenile crime, gangs, and drug usage is: 1 lack of attention and 2 troubles in school. This is why it is important for after school programs.
Safe Havens are simple
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It is a proven program that works, with juvenile crimes being down 13 % in areas with a Boys and Girls Club of America. It is open after school and on weekends to give children somewhere positive to spend their free time. There is a wide variety of activities offered that cover almost all interests. Here the kids do not have to worry about drugs, violence, gangs or lack of attention at home, they can just enjoy being a kids.
The Boys and Girls Club of America does not have weaknesses. It is expensive to run but because of the importance and history many corporations have been very helpful when it comes to donations. Another concern is having enough trained staff. Both these weaknesses are found in almost every program but The Boys and Girls Club of America has done a great job in getting pass these weaknesses and lasting around 100 years.
Mentoring is another type of program that is very successful; most people refer to it as a Big Brother/Sister program. Mentors work one-on-one with young people, providing tutoring, teaching life skills, and being a role model for someone who has nobody to look up to. There are many places that offer services like this having the mentor and child met 3 to 4 times a month for up to a year.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of America is the oldest mentoring organization and maybe the best-known program. Founded in 1904, the Big Brothers and Big Sisters formed one organization in 1977. People who apply to be Big

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