Justification of Death in Hamlet Essay

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Justification of Death in Hamlet

Beginning with the Greeks, tragedy has been an essential form of entertainment. Although it has changed slightly over time due to different religious and social values, it is still written and performed to this day. Perhaps the most well known tragedy of all time is Shakespeare's Hamlet. Hamlet is perhaps the epitome of all tragedy. Not only does the tragic hero Hamlet meet his demise, but all the main characters in the play at some point due to some flaw in their character, or some fatal decision, also meet the same fate. It is because of their character flaw and/or their fatal decision at some time during the play that their death can be justified. Polonius, the lord
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In doing so, they wish to draw a conclusion over Hamlet's apparent insanity. Polonius instructs his daughter Ophelia,

Ophelia, walk you here. --Gracious, so please you,

We will bestow ourselves.-Read on this book,

That show of such an exercise may color

Your lonliness.-We are oft to blame in this,

'Tis too much proved, that with devotion's visage

And Pious action we do suger o'er

The Devil himself (III.I, 43-49).

Polonius' excessive nosiness leads to his death. If Polonius did not feel the need to involve himself in everyone's affairs, he would never have put himself in the position to be killed by Hamlet. Hamlet kills Polonius during Polonius' final session as a spy. After Polonius sees how Hamlet goes off on his mother and Claudius during a play performance in the castle, Polonius volunteers for the king to spy on Hamlet and his mother talking, even though the king doesn't really ask for a volunteer. During the session between Hamlet and his mother, Hamlet hears Polonius behind the curtains in the room. Hamlet, thinking Polonius is the king, stabs at the curtain and kills Polonius. Although Polonius was not the intended person to be killed, his need to be nosy puts him in the position to be slain, thus is the reason for his death.

The next character to die is Ophelia, Polonius' daughter. "Polonius' daughter"

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