Justice is Not for All Essay

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Justice is Not for All

Throughout the course of history, mankind has learned many things, and has continually strived in running the race towards the prize that has been set out for them. It’s undeniable that at times we do a great job, lighting the future with hope. However, other times the path ahead of us seems only to be filled with darkness. This impression could be given through many of today’s undisputable facts. Quite unfortunately, justice is not for all. Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill A Mocking Bird; the documentary, Eyes on the Prize: Education at Little Rock; Anthony Burns by Virginia Hamilton; and the certain poems all illustrate this fact.

In the view of Harper Lee, justice is a simple concept. To recognize the
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Tom himself is guilty of nothing but being in the wrong place at the wrong time. To Kill a Mockingbird contains criticism of the prejudice and moral laziness that allowed Southern society to have a double standard of justice.

Boo Radley, the eccentric recluse in To Kill a Mocking Bird is another "harmless creature" who becomes a victim of cruelty. Here again, the author seems to be emphasizing the universality of human nature. Tom Robinson's problems may be bound up with the complex social problem of racial prejudice, but any neighborhood can have its Boo Radley, all but forgotten except as the subject of gossip and rumor. By the final chapters of the novel, we learn that good and justice do not necessarily triumph every time. Harmless individuals such as Tom Robinson and Boo Radley can become victims through no fault of their own. And sometimes "the system" can do nothing to defend them.
Boo Radley’s situation is similar to that of the man in the poem A Negro Labourer in Liverpool.
I stared;
Our eyes met
But on his dark Negro face
No sunny smile,
No hope or a longing for a hope promised;
Only the quick cowed dart of eyes
Piercing through impassive crowds
Searching longingly for a face
That might flicker understanding

Tragic, isn’t it? A man comes from his motherland with new hope, only to be disappointed. No one cares, and his hope “lies in the

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