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People oppress people all over the world, but few have felt the oppression like the American Indians. Stereotypes have plagued them since the first Europeans came over who wrapped false beliefs the native people. Some of these ideas may be true for certain tribes, but there are far too many tribes and cultures to lump them all into one. Tribes from one part of the country will eat, dress, and celebrate in much different ways than tribes from another part. Though the Native Americans are a diverse group, their core beliefs in the Earth, creation, and peace are consistent throughout the people. Every person holds an idea about something much grander than they are. Whether it is Mother Earth, God, or the cosmos, man clings to something …show more content…
These stories tends to differ pending on the tribe; for instance the Cherokee say water use to encompass everything until the Water-beetle dove to the bottom to bring up the first bit of land to become earth (Mooney 48). The Huron’s creation story, on the other hand, states the world was created from soil on top of a turtles back (Bruchac 51). While these two stories seem different in details many of the essential parts of these stories are the same. First, both of these stories, before the world was created, everything started in the abyss of a body of water with animals swimming around it. The rest of the story seems very convenient for explaining how the world works. Wonder why only cedar, pine, spruce, holly, and laurel trees stay green year-round? Well it’s because they stayed up the whole 7 nights like the creator told them to. The lack of science and technology allowed the oral tradition of the Native Americans to come up with handy ways to explain how the world came to be. Peace is an unknown word to man. Throughout most of history there war waged between one clan or country and another. Europeans and early Americans kept the Native Americans in an almost constant state of war over the land, but the Natives strive for peace. The story La Relacion shows the true compassion of the Indian people. After sailing for many days without food and water, Cabeza de Vaca’s crew washed up on shore only to find the graciousness of

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