Julian Assange and WikiLeaks Essay

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WikiLeaks is more than just a website. It is one of the fastest growing, nonprofit news organizations in the twenty first century. With millions of documents posted, WikiLeaks has recently released over 250,000 documents related to US Embassy message traffic; a majority of which are either Secret NOFORN (No Foreign Nationals) or Classified. The disclosure of these documents has seriously impeded diplomatic relations between various countries, with the US being the primary target. In these various “cables”, as they’re commonly referred to, the internal thoughts and opinions of several high ranking United States officials is laid bare for anyone with internet access to observe. Many would claim that this is an extreme exercise in …show more content…
North Korea has been accused of, in numerous cables, “…shipping 19 advanced missiles to Iran, potentially giving the Islamic Republic the ability to hit cities in Western Europe.” (Post) The Washington Post cites the possible consequences of this, saying that, “The leaks could complicate the already dim prospects of renewing talks with North Korea and fuel the rising tensions between North and South, while contributing to calls for increased Chinese action to rein in North Korea.” (Post) This is a clear illustration of the unnecessary defacing of the United States in the world’s political arena. Our political enemies are not the only ones that are being diplomatically infringed upon by the leaks. Numerous European nations that are commonly referred to as “friendly” are under intense strain from their populace; a populace that, without WikiLeaks’ intervention, would not have clear insight into the confidential thoughts of their ambassadors around the world. Take for example a leak concerning France, where the following was reported, “French President Nicolas Sarkozy is described as “thin-skinned and authoritarian,” with a tendency to rebuke his subordinates and the French prime minister.” (Post) These thoughts, while some might see as belittling or even insulting, are those of an ambassador. They are to be conveyed between an embassy and the people back in Washington, to develop

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