Essay about Joseph Stalin

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Joseph Stalin came to power in 1924 after the death of Lenin even though Lenin himself had discouraged him as his successor. Stalin’s regime was latent with economic stagnation, political repression, human rights violations, and competing nationalities. Regardless of these various problems Stalin was able to sustain the Soviet Union and develop it into a dominant world power. His ability to maintain power and stability was a result of the promotion of social, economic, cultural, and political systems that increase Russian patriotism and unified the various nationalities. Lenin’s death in 1924 left uncertainty about who should become the next leader. Lenin had discussed within his inner circle and mentioned Stalin and Trotsky as possible …show more content…
In 1929, Stalin began a party purge in which he removed members who had not paid dues and those who did not represent party ideals. Among those Bolsheviks that were purged was Bukharin, he was removed from the Politburo for promoting ideas that were seen as opposing the party. Through this time Stalin was able to rid himself of the old bolsheviks and remove his political opposition among the Politburo. However, Kirov’s assassination in 1936, this raised Stalin's paranoia and he immediately ordered investigations of the assassination. Stalin persecuted oppositional leaders as the murders of Kirov in this way he was able to permanently rid himself of political opposition within the Politburo. Through show trial he found Zinoviev and Kamenev guilty for Kirov’s assassination, they were sentenced to death on August 24, 1936. The show trials also served to get rid of Radek and Pyatakov who had been aligned with Trotsky. In all 78% of the central committee were arrested and killed, Stalin remained as the only previous member of the party, he had also killed many military leaders. Politically Stalin utilized his popular identity to control decisions in the Politburo and then turned to oppression of his opposition. Stalin the turned to terror and violence to permanently rid himself of opposition from previous party leadership and scare and future dissent.

Stalin used the notion of social realism to promote economic policy. The Soviet Union was constantly

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