Joseph Stalin, The Leader of USSR from 1922 to 1953 Essay examples

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Joseph Stalin, The Leader of USSR from 1922 to 1953 Every group, party and country has an ultimate advisor or leader. This person is responsible for making educated decisions based upon the best interests of their members, followers and citizens. Leaders set goals and create objectives that the people they control will work towards. For any type of group to be successful, it is required that there is one individual to consent or eliminate the ideas proposed. However, sometimes there are leaders who desire to obtain something with so much integrity that the best interests of the party are not met or are …show more content…
A twenty five percent increase is noted in the number of new oil wells. Steel production is increased from four million tons annually to seventeen million tons. Heavy industry production is increased four hundred percent under Stalin's dictatorship. Stalin creates an enormous production boom, which greatly effects the nation. With more produce there is more employment resulting in the growth of Russia's wealth.

Furthermore, mass production provides more materials available for export. This gains Russia wealth, trade partners and allies. Stalin transforms Russia into a major nation, and is the only one in his lifetime to rival the United States as a nuclear superpower. This makes Russia appear more intimidating and successful, causing many countries to re-evaluate their position as allies and enemies. Great gains are made in living standards, literacy, medical care and nutrition as a result of mass production. During Stalin's leadership, life for millions of Russians is improved on a material level through his successes of production.

Secondly, Stalin impacts the way of Russian life through the famine he causes. During Stalin's attempt of mass food production, he executes five million agriculturists, and imprisons five percent of Russia's peasants. This does not leave enough farmers to produce the vast quantity of food necessary. Stalin however demands

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