Jonathan Swift's Use of Satire in Gulliver's Travels Essay

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Jonathan Swift was a great fan of using sarcasm, exaggerations and caricatures. All of these words can be summarised into one satire.
Swift uses satire in most of his work and Gulliver's Travels is no exception. In Gulliver's Travels Swift satirises how in the 18th century Europe was oblivious to all else going on and thought that everything that they did was correct. He does this in various stages/lands throughout the book. He also gains knowledge and culture throughout his travels to encourage us to step back and think about the world that we live in, the leaders that are chosen, how we are still animals deep down, and our selfishness. In the book Gulliver celebrates the glory of
Europe but he gradually realises that all
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Brobdingnag is a Utopia to the reader; this means that Brobdingnag enjoys the greatest perfection in politics, laws and all the inhabitants have jobs and food. Gulliver meets the king of Brobdingnag and is pleased to tell him about 'the valour and achievements' of his country and army. He also attempts to show the king gunpowder as he was so proud of it. Swift here finds the perfect opportunity to once again make the reader think about how bad the time we live in is. He uses war and fighting this time mentioning things like Europe has 'sunk down ships, with a thousand men in each.' The words that swift uses make the reader think about the wars that have previously happened and how our people have massacred thousands of people. Gulliver told the King many stories and the king summarised Europe by saying that we are 'the most pernicious race of little odious vermin that nature ever suffered to crawl upon the surface of the earth.'

Gulliver now goes on to visit the island of Laputa. For the first part of his visit Gulliver is on a floating island the inhabitants of this island satirise pure intellectualism and the concept of a floating island also represented superiority. He spends the other half on the ground in a scientific academy. In the academy the workers have hardly any time to eat, drink or even have emotions. The people in the academy have one purpose and that purpose is scientific enquiry. Swift includes this short mini-island

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