John Green’s Looking for Alaska Essay

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Losing something can be one of the most discouraging things ever. It can disorient and change the whole perspective of a day. In John Green’s award winning young adult novel, “Looking for Alaska” the main character Chip “the Colonel” Martin meets his new roommate, Miles “Pudge” Halter. The Colonel is the best friend of the enticing Alaska Young, who he knows very well and cares much about. As the three friends enjoy their time together the worst thing that could happen, comes upon them, death. This leads to the break down of the Colonel. Alaska was his best friend, so her death reminds Chip that he never truly realized what he had lost until it was gone. The Colonel shows that he is not just the buff, presumptuous guy, but also a …show more content…
Pudge is still in shock and he thinks that the Colonel is embarrassed. “The entire trailer was smaller than our dorm room. I didn’t know what to say to him, how to make him feel less embarrassed” (Green 91). Teens take so much for granted in this generation; laptops, cellphones and expensive apparel are stuff all teens are used to receiving. Living in his trailer home did not just give Chip a genuine personality but it also gave him a strong heart. The strongest people can put on the biggest smile even when in pain; everyday Chip hopes his mother is safe. He sees his mother as a role model and wants to be as strong as she was when she raised him. Living with a single mother is difficult for many; however the Colonel takes advantage of it and uses it as a way to cope with his feelings of wealthy people. Given the opportunity to attend Culver Creek, Chip was excited to explore outside of his trailer. However, he was exposed to the Weekday Warriors; they are the wealthy kids on campus and that only go to school for the weekdays and relax in their air-conditioned mansions. “Well now you get why I hate rich people’” (Green 91). As many would think he is the stereotypical arrogant jock; yet, this would be a mistake. Being Chip’s friend allows one to see his kind-hearted and sentimental side shine through. (NEED AN EXAMPLE) The author shows the reality of poverty, single parents and the strength of teens in our society. Families in Canada are

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