Jesus: According to Mark Essay example

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A writer’s vision and thought can be extracted from the words that they use in their stories. The evangelists in the Bible are no different. They are writing about events from memory; many of them were stories that were passed on generation to generation. Thus, their personal thoughts begin to make an entry into the way that they write their gospel and the words that they use. The evangelist had the final say as to how he would portray Jesus in his story. This was especially true in Mark’s gospel. Being the first one to recount the ministry of Jesus, he was not influenced by other well known accounts. Thus, the understanding that Mark has is seen through the approach that he took to write his gospel, which include both Jesus’ …show more content…
After the display of his faith he immediately calms the storm. The use of the word can conclude that “the Markan Jesus hurries about” (Donahue and Harrington, 23). Another place that words show the Markan picture of Jesus is in the words that Jesus says. Jesus is a humble man that only takes the credit that is of his making. Everything that should be praised to God, Jesus portrays as such in his words. When Jesus heals the Gerasene demon he pronounces, “tell them how much the lord has done for you” (5:19). Mark “never uses kyrios (Lord) unambiguously as a title for Jesus” (Donahue and Harrington, 168), however his use here is ambiguous, which scholars have made the connection that Jesus is eluding to the God of Israel in this instance. This shows that Jesus was not making a campaign for himself, but the reign of God. He made sure that he as a human was not credited for the miracles that he performed. When Jesus heals the woman in Chapter 5, Mark chose the words, “your faith has made you well” (5:34). This shows that Jesus wants to spread his message of faith, and not to make the people believe that he is the sole reason behind the healing. Jesus’ message that “faith precedes healing” (Donahue and Harrington, 98) is a way to show that one must first have faith in God to be healed, as opposed to having faith in Jesus because

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