Jesus: A Friend to Outcasts and Sinners Essay

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His friendship with outcasts and sinners (Matthew 9:10-12, Luke 7:36-50) Jesus found it easy to aid those in need, maybe because he was not looked at as someone to have “aw” over like a normal king? If history teaches us anything it is simple that people relate to their own kind. Whether it is in school, or neighborhoods, or in sports today, Jesus certainly wanted to relate to all but, it seems the people who had already established themselves solidly in this world wanted little change. The outcasts and sinners had nothing to lose except their sin and disability and to gain it all in the life after, while the rich or well to do would have to give it all up in this world in order to have assurance in the next life. Life eternally …show more content…
It is a term widely used for one who betrays. Betray has many definitions in Webster’s 1828 Dictionary; to deliver into the hands of the enemy by treachery or fraud, in violation of trust; as an officer betrayed in the city. The Son of Man shall be betrayed into the hands of men. (Mat 17:23). Judas Iscariot the man of “Kerioth,” the son of Simon, was one of the twelve original apostles of Jesus. He was known as the “treasurer” of the Apostles. Judas was the one who considered when Mary anointed Jesus with expensive oil to be a waste of money. However, Judas was also known for dipping into to the funds for personal use, this is according to (John 12:3-6) Judas seems to care very little about helping the poor and his motives were only selfish. Jesus had predicted Judas was the one who would betray him and this came to pass on the night at the Last Supper when Satan entered into him. Judas left at dark and went to the Pharisees and gave Jesus up for a mere 30 pieces of silver. Later when Judas had felt guilt and remorse he tried to recant in hopes of changing what he had done but it was too late. The damage had been done and the prophecy was to be carried out. Jesus would be crucified for what Judas had done however unaware of the good that would follow.
His cleansing of the temple (John2:14-22 Mark

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