Jean Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development Essay

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Jean Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development
Jean Piaget is the founder of Cognitive development. He is Swiss and although he had no background in psychology, he made a tremendous impact on the field, particularly in the area of cognitive, developmental and educational psychology. There are other theorists who have built upon his work with theories like information processing, social cognition and socio cultural perspective. According to Arringtion (2008) the term cognitive development describes the way in which the individuals learn about and perceive themselves and their environment and educators apply it to the classroom because educators work with both adult and young learners to develop higher order thinking. Arrington
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Operations are extensions of schemata and structure which occurs in the process of equilibrium (Ibid,2008). For example, the individual has learnt number concept so when counting anything in daily life, he/she will use the number concept to understand the amount.

Stage-dependent theory
Kretchmar (2008) states that according to Piaget children are capable of understanding the world around them as they mature and they cannot undertake certain tasks until they are psychologically mature enough and this research is based on observing children for years. Piaget has identified certain ages where transition of thinking takes place. He has identified the ages and has named these as different stages. The first stage according to Piaget is Sensory motor stage which is from birth to 18 months. The second stage is Pre-operational stage which is from 2 years to 7 years. The third stage is concrete operational stage which is from 7 to 11 years and the last stage mentioned is Formal operational which is from the age 11 and up. Piaget has identified certain capabilities found in each of these developmental stages (Ibid, 2008).
Sensory Motor Stage.
Slater and Muir(1999) states that according to Piaget in infants even before their language develops there is behavior that can be called intelligence. At sensory motor stage two significant behaviours are described. Those are differentiating

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